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Membership Overview

The Investors of Color (IoC) is a national, thriving ecosystem of Black, Latinx, and Asian accredited investors seeking to close the racial funding gap in startup capital across the country.  With over 600 individuals, angel networks, family offices, and venture funds in the network, we empower investors to build generational wealth by mobilizing capital that benefits the health, wealth, and social mobility of communities of color.  


Through our focus on Community, Syndication, and Participation, we have established a proven track record of sourcing, screening, and syndicating deals nationwide.  If you would like to join the ICN, please review our Membership Tiers and select the one best suited for you.

Membership Tiers




Best suited for self-certified Accredited Investors or organizations that can write an individual check into any one deal up to $100,000.


Annual Membership benefits include:


  • Membership to the Angel Capital Association and access to all ACA member benefits

  • 9 Syndication Calls per year showcasing 18-20 highly curated Deals 

  • Up to 50 additional “Deals-In-Play” on the ICN platform 

  • SPV back office services (additional fees apply)




Best suited for self-certified Super Angels, Venture Funds, Family Offices, or professional investment organizations that can write an individual check into any one deal greater than $100,000.  Also, suited for Emerging Fund Managers and LP’s seeking to connect with other Emerging Managers.


Annual Membership benefits include:


  • All Tier 1 Membership Benefits PLUS

  • Quarterly Exclusive Virtual Forums for Emerging Managers & LPs

  • Emerging Manager private communication network

  • Personalized - Series A to Series E - Deal Syndication Network