Our Prinicples

❖ Diversity & Inclusion: ​The ICN is an inclusive community that recognizes diversity as the strength of our community. To that end, we are committed to ensuring a space where investors of color are welcomed, celebrated, and supported. This is not diversity theatre. There is no place for disrespectful, disingenuous or tokenizing actions.

❖ Trust:​ The ICN Syndication Calls are based on open communication and trust to facilitate the free exchange of investment opportunities, facilitate new relationships, and grow our ecosystem.

❖ Integrity: ​The value of the ICN Syndication Calls is the quality of our individual participants. The ICN only has value if we all commit to bringing integrity to our engagements with the ICN and other participants.

❖ Professionalism: ​Participants shall at all times conduct themselves in a professional manner and shall only act in good faith when engaging with other ICN Syndication Call Participants.

❖ Conflict of Interest:​ The ICN Team and our Members shall abstain from participating in any ICN discussion, meeting or activity which would constitute a conflict of interest or appear as a conflict of interest for the Participants. 

❖ Cooperative Focus: ​The success of this organization depends on open communication and cooperative, supportive, and trusted relationships among its Participants. If a competitive situation should arise, Participants will handle it professionally, offering disclosures and abstentions as appropriate.

❖ Investor Roster​: The ICN provides its Investors with a Investor Roster containing information provided by participants in ICN Syndication Calls. All information contained in the Roster is solely for the use of our participants and cannot be copied, reproduced, distributed or otherwise disseminated in any other manner to any other individual, organization or industry service providers.